A Complete Office Solution with Happiness.

About Make my Office

A complete office solution with happiness.

It is often said that necessity is the mother of all invention. In case of Make my Office, our requirement to ease things in our office resulted in creation of this wonderful tool. To meet our aim to offer unmatched services to our clients, we further developed this unique Office Management Software which helps businesses in more than one way. This is an integrated system that allows companies to manage their everyday tasks in office thus saving time and enhance productivity.

Make my Office is the software which organizes documents of the office in a secure manner which otherwise can be a pain for the administration as the company grows. It also helps in managing various other records like attendance, salary, leaves. Communication and connectivity in organization gets improved using this tool. In addition, this office management system increases accessibility and transparency in the organization.


A complete office solution with happiness.

Equipped with amazing features and latest technology, Make my Office is a special tool for your business and office. Whether you are a manufacturer or service provider, small business or established entity, this Office Management Software is suitable for varied requirements.

Office management includes dealing with thousands of files and documents across departments. Managing, storing and keeping bundles of papers safe from damages can be tricky, especially when your business is escalating on different levels. Make my Office provides a paperless system to make things easier.


Controlling office operations from their desk is effortless for managers. From employees to projects to teams and documents, everything can be managed in an optimized way. In addition, keep track of performances and task developments with this software.


Special feature to manage leaves. Applying and approving for leave requests can be done using the system. Calendar shows the previous and upcoming holidays and events which can help in managing the individual activities as well as tasks.


Comprehensive report of attendance of the staff is available at a particular time. Day to day work report according to different projects assigned to individuals can be submitted for a proper evolution.


Counting salary is simple as records of total working days and hours is shown for every employee on a monthly basis.


Performance analysis of individuals and teams at any stage of a project is possible from your desk with Make my Office.


You can manage information and reports based on different working areas and modules. Performance evaluation can be done according to various tasks and teams.