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We at Genius Import, understand the importance and confidentiality of the information that you, as our Customer, provides and entrusts us with. For this reason, we have developed a Privacy Policy that maintains the strength and security to keep your information safe. The following Privacy Policy applies to all of the products offered by MakeMyOffice, its subsidiaries, and its affiliated companies. By accepting this Privacy Policy and its contents through registration or by visiting our website, it shall be deemed that you give explicit consent to the collection of, use, and disclosure of personal information in full accordance with this Privacy Policy and its contents.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated in and subject to our specific Terms of Use (which is subject to changes at our discretion and which we will provide you with notification of, if changes are to be made). While we will make every attempt to notify you of any changes to this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use, you understand that it is your responsibility to be aware of any changes made to this policy on this page prior to use.

If you should have any questions pertaining to this Privacy Policy or the treatment of your personal Information through the MakeMyOffice software, you may contact us at anytime through this website or in writing by contacting us at:

17-B Shiv Apartment, Vaishali Nagar
Jaipur- 302021, Rajasthan
Mobile : 7895709281

Data collection

In order to provide you with optimal service and give you insights that will be of specific benefit to you, we collect various types of data based on your usage of our website and products as well as the personal information that you are asked to provide.

The following are ways in which this data is collected.

- Information you provide

Registration for both paid and trial signup of a MakeMyOffice account or any other MakeMyOffice service or promotion, requires that you provide general and confidential personal details (like your name, your email address, and an account password). Additional Customer Data is obtained from our MakeMyOffice product customers, the details of which are explained in the sections below.

- Identification messenger

When you use our software, we use cookies to collect and store information about your session. The use of cookies is a common and popular technology that stores small amounts of data which may include a anonymous and unique and piece of data known as an identifier which is sent to your internet browser from our website and then saved to your internal hard drive. While you use our software, we may set and later access these stored cookies on your computer in order to optimize your usage of our products and services.

- Log information

When you access our MakeMyOffice services or visit our website, we automatically collect and record the information sent from your browser to our servers. These server logs may include data such as details about your web request, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser types, one or more unique identifier cookies from your browser, and your browser language.

- User communications

If you send an email message or have any other type of communication with MakeMyOffice, we may retain those communications so that we can process and respond to your inquiries and requests, so that we can improve our services for your future use.

The information that we obtain and collect may be used in one or more of the following ways which help us to serve you better;

- For the development of content and additional products and services

- For the development of content and additional products and services

- For research and analysis of existing services

- For improvements to our security features

- For auditing of our services

MakeMyOffice also may use customer information for marketing services. We may, for example, use this information to contact you at a later date regarding your interest or use of MakeMyOffice and its services, or to send you additional information or advertising, such as related promotions or events, from our company or our partners

Please note: Any information which we term “Customer Data” is separate and distinct from the types of data collection mentioned above and will not be used in the same way.

All personal Customer Data is protected with a high level of data encryption which limits access through the use of a specific key that is generated from your server to ours. For this reason, in order for our support staff or other company representatives to view and troubleshoot any issues you may be having with our products or services, you must provide permission to share this key with us.

Customer Data

As aforementioned, customers provide host data and other information to use the MakeMyOffice service, and this information, called Customer Data, is maintained with strict privacy and confidentiality. Customer Data will not be used for review, shared, distributed, or referenced by MakeMyOffice in any way except with respect to the Terms of Service or as may be required by law. Individual records of Customer Data may only be accessed and viewed for the purposes of the resolution of problems, support issues, any suspected violations of the Terms of Service, or as may be required by the law. The confidentiality and protection of MakeMyOffice user ID’s and passwords is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Forums, Customer Referrals, and Customer Testimonials

On our website or any company affiliated website, MakeMyOffice may include multiple forms of content which is viewable to the public such as webinars, blogs, discussion rooms, and elements of social media engagement. If you elect to submit any personal information to any of these types of open online forums, you understand that the information you submit may be read, collected, and stored or used by anyone who visits these open forums. This information may also be used for unsolicited communication which MakeMyOffice will not be held responsible for.

If you elect to use our referral service, we ask for the first and last name as well as the email address of your referral and then automatically send that person a one time email with an invitation to visit our company website.

In addition, some customer information may be made public on the MakeMyOffice listing of customer testimonials, which is located on the company webpage and which typically contains general information such as Customer names and titles. Prior to posting any such information for our customer testimonial listing, we obtain the consent of each customer.

Quality Checks

The personal information processed by MakeMyOffice is used only for the purposes it was collected for and in accordance with our Terms of Service and the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Each quarter, our data is reviewed to ensure that the information is current. We take every reasonable step to ensure the accuracy of personal information on file. We also attempt to keep this information complete and up to date. However, we do rely on our Customers to update their information when changes are necessary.

Data Disclosure

MakeMyOffice takes steps to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all of your personal information on file and shall not intentionally disclose or exchange this information with third parties (defined as persons or entities who are not affiliated with MakeMyOffice) and will also attempt to prevent disclosures which are unauthorized or accidental for third party marketing purposes or other purposes except as provisioned by the following four exceptions:

1). MakeMyOffice may disclose personal information to third parties In deference to the laws, regulations or rules of any applicable jurisdiction, state, or nation as required.

2). When necessary to make transmissions or deliveries to you, MakeMyOffice may disclose your personal information as is deemed appropriate.

3). MakeMyOffice may disclose information that personally identifies you to third parties when you consent to such disclosure.

4) MakeMyOffice may disclose personal information in the event that MakeMyOffice receives a request from bona-fide rights owners regarding any allegations of infringement of copyright or of proprietary rights that arises from information that you have posted on our website or have provided to MakeMyOffice.

Should MakeMyOffice be a part of a transfer or sale of some or all of its assets, or is a part of a merger or acquisition, we will provide notification to our customers prior to the transfer of personal information and before a new privacy policy takes effect.

This Agreement includes our Privacy Policy as it may be modified on occasion. Your use of this webpage or any of our services constitutes your agreement to our use, collection, and disclosure of personal identifiing information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions regarding our use of or management of personal data, you may contact us at the address above.

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