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Privacy Policy

We, at Make my Office, are fully committed about the privacy of our users, customers, and visitors on the website and this Privacy Policy is regarding the collection and security of information of our users. Privacy Policies of Make my Office clarify how we treat and protect the personal data of our users when they use our products and services.

We take sufficient measures to safeguard your personal information from any misuse. Any kind of data received by Make my Office from website visitors or service-users is considered private and we do not use, sell or share it with any third party without the requisite consent of the information provider. If you use our website or avail/buy our products and services then you accept to comply with the practices mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Gathering Information of Users by Visiting Website or Using Services/Products
Make my Office may gather information and records like IP address, type of web browser, cookie information, server domain names when you browse the website. This kind of information is collected to enhance our website functionality and user experience. When you get registered on our website or use our services or products then you might need to provide details such as organization name, number of employees, user name, email, password and phone numbers. However, any personally identifiable information is not collected by us when you browse the website.

Use and Distribution of Information
Make my Office understands the importance of privacy of our users. Aggregate data which is non identifiable may be used for statistical analysis and marketing purposes. Personal data received by registration forms is used for internal purpose in order to provide services, support and communication. We never rent, sell or distribute the personal information to others without the consent of users. This data may be used by us for feedback purpose, to inform about special promotions and events and to update about new services, features and product upgrades.

Prevention of Information
We at Make my Office implement various advanced security measures to prevent personal information against misuse or unauthorized access. We take our employees in consideration regarding the fact that any private information stored or received by us is deemed confidential and not to use in public. And, if any employee does not act in accordance with the practices of this privacy policy will have to face appropriate consequences. Although we use proper safety features and procedures and take necessary actions to assure the security and keep the privacy of personal data, we cannot be held responsible for the security of information which is transmitted via internet or through using services.

If you have any concern, enquiry or complaint about Make my Office’s Privacy Policy then you are free to contact us via email. We make best efforts to resolve your issues in a prompt manner. We also welcome suggestions which can enhance our services and practices regarding the privacy of information.

Make my Office wants our users to stay informed about what kind of information we collect and store and how we treat it. Make my Office reserves the right to revise the privacy policy anytime or make amendments in the conducts mentioned herein without a prior notice.