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Make My Office - The Best HR and Payroll Software

This is an office management software that enables companies to perform routine tasks by integrating different functions hence enhancing productivity and saving time. It embraces the latest technology and unique features to offer office and business solutions to all companies both small, medium-sized and large operating in the various industries be it retail, or hospitality. It offers unmatched capabilities to users because it offers more features other than payroll management. What is more is that this a paperless system which still offers audit trail securely without having to deal with the conventional bulky documents which can be a nightmare. Information stored is highly secured and users are guaranteed of the privacy of information and protection of their data by using only the best of the security measures.

This software allows an organization to seamlessly perform the operations of payroll and other human resources needs that are critical to every organization. It allows payments to employees accurately and timely which keeps them motivated and productive thereby avoiding legal and reputation challenges. Through the use of amazing product features the software enables an organization to carry out these functions effectively, efficiently and with confidence.

This software responds to the current business needs to their payroll activities and offers unmatched features that are uniquely designed to enhance the user experience. It offers a solution to what most businesses are looking for in terms of centralized and standardized software with integrated functions and program compatibility. It offers efficiency by enabling organizations to run their operations seamlessly, effortlessly and accurately thereby eliminates all risks associated payroll processing.

There are 2 packages available for clients depending on their needs:

1. Single User Plan: As the name suggests it only allows access to one user usually the admin which means employees cannot access this software. This is normally suitable for small organizations in the retail, manufacturing and production sectors whose staffs are not necessarily tech-savvy and whose main need is record management. The single User does not allow for multiple branches as the system capabilities are restricted to small businesses.

2. Multi-User Plan: This plan offers unlimited access to both admin and employees through different portals. It is suitable for large organizations and manufacturing units who are looking for more user capabilities. This plan also allows for multiple branches.

A free demo is available to a potential user on both plans to help a company decide which of the two is suitable and more beneficial according to their needs before making a purchase. In addition, there is a free trial for the package of choice at absolutely no cost where one can access all the amazing features in a particular package at no cost whether you purchase the package or not. Before the free trial period expires there is an automated notification via email/phone/SMS so that you can continue enjoying the services without interruptions. There are no hidden costs or surprises during this period of initial financial or long-term commitment required. The goal is to allow the user to enjoy the services the software provides as they decide if it meets their needs.

This payroll software was developed to respond to needs identified during a survey where most employees acknowledged that their payroll management process needed to be enhanced. As a result, makemyoffice.com designed a payroll software that addresses these needs and offers more value in terms of improved user and system capabilities. This software capitalizes on latest technology and improved user capability to integrate functions and therefore offers the following unique features.

Product Features of the Payroll Software:

-Management of Employee Attendance: It offers integration of the biometric software to track the number of hours worked generated from daily employees logins and logs out which is much simpler and accurate as compared to using manual register which is subject to manipulation or could get misplaced. This also means that the system can generate reports to show attendance for a certain project which can be used for decision making.

-Managing Team Workflow: The software allows one to virtually assign tasks to a team member and track the progress of the project at any time. This takes away the burden of having to micromanage or directly supervise employees as they work on a project or a task. This makes employees more efficient and accountable in their work as they are aware of their expectations and are able to work with minimal interruptions.

-Salaries Calculations: Since all information relating to an employee is stored online in the system including the number of hours worked, salary calculation is hassle free and at the automatic and at the click of a button. This also includes faster calculation of any deductions due as well as any other dues available to an employee such as bonuses, holiday pay depending on the contract terms. No need to understand the legal tax computations as the system's intelligence generate these at the click of a button.

-Leave Management: Leave application and approval is done in the system by use of a calendar that also displays holidays and upcoming events which allows employees to be better plan their work. A manager is able to see the different leave schedules as they plan on the team project and activities and decide on how to assign different project and tasks.

-Connectivity with other users: The software allows connectivity for multiple branches and divisions which allows for real-time access and sharing of information across the networks. This also allows one to evaluate the performance of various units, divisions and branches centrally.

-Information Management: Employees and users can access the information they are looking for instantly. In addition, information is securely categorized and access can be restricted to different users as the company has structured.

-Office Management: Managers are able to control all operations of the office effortlessly which includes projects, employees, and documents as such information is optimally stored.

-User-Friendly: This software embraces technology to provide a delightful experience to the user including the use of graphical images and pop-ups.

-Paperless System: This allows the secure storage of data, records, and information online which is both efficient and user-friendly compared to the traditional record keeping.

-Performance Analysis: This software has system capability to provide quick analysis to show the status of say employee performance or progress of a project.

User-Friendly: This software embraces technology to provide a delightful experience to the user including the use of graphical images and pop-ups.

Benefits of Payroll Software

Based on the above unique features, this software unparalleled benefits that every company should be keen on acquiring;

1. It is time efficient since all information is stored online and can be accessed with the click of a button.

2. It enhances employees' productivity because employees are less distracted and there are minimal interruptions which would otherwise have been occasioned by having to report to a supervisor on status of a project. Employees can also allocate more time to perform their tasks that yield more output without having to spend so much time on routine tasks.

3. It is user-friendly which makes it easy for users to use and interact with thereby increasing user capability.

4. It offers secure storage of information as opposed to cabinet filling and this information can be categorized and access granted to authorized users.

5. Since it is paperless, it offers the convenience of audit trail without having to deal with bulky documents.

6. Employee information stored is accurate and free from manipulation.

7. It offers seamless access and exchange of information among users across different divisions and branches.

8. Report generation is simplified through the generation of the instant analysis report.

9. Managing employees across branches is made possible as managers can track the performance of employees and status of projects.

10. The system improves overall productivity by allowing companies manage routine tasks which can be time-consuming.

11. It allows easy access of information as it is well organized and further allows users to add on to more data as the company continues to grow. This is both available to the employee for future reference in the course of their duties.

12. Communication is simplified as users can exchange information across networks.

13. It also offers transparency as it has internal controls and checks that ensure information is not manipulated and in the event that this occurs action can be taken upon as the user is easily identified.

14. Employees also have access to their own personal records, for example, payslips which are also secured and protected.

15. The system allows for automation of certain annual tasks such as reporting on annual employee performance, tax summaries. These reports are important because they help management better allocate resources, manage overtime and proper budgeting for future periods, workers compensation, paid time off calculations, etc - all from within the one application. These reports can be used by teams and management staff in a variety of ways to better allocate or restrict resources, manage overtime, a budget for future quarters or years and the like.

16. Other than reporting, the system allows a user to feed in hypothetical numbers to generate forecasts which can be used for planning, budgeting and decision making.

17. The system has reminders which allow employees to follow through on scheduled tasks as well as important reminders such as tax submissions and updates.

Why should a company acquire this payroll management software?

Payroll is undoubtedly one of the most crucial and critical functions of any company. It is the common denominator among various companies irrespective of size or industry of operation. As may be expected payroll can pose a challenge to both teams in HR and Finance as it requires work and dedicated resources to make it satisfactory to both teams. This is especially true for companies that are still using the manual system at this day and age as the debate still continues whether to transition to a cloud-based payroll system across many organizations. There is a gradual change in the switch from manual processing to payroll software as most organizations appreciate the efficiency the latter has to offer in term so of time, effort, productivity, system capability as opposed to human capabilities. The issue of security cannot be overemphasized given the sensitive nature of information and the various threats it poses if it is used by the unintended user which is why companies should refrain from outsourcing payroll activities to third-party service providers.

Most business needs integrated payroll software which results in a better employee experience without compromising on compliance or exposing a business to payroll risks.

There are major challenges of manual processing if left unchecked can result in the company incurring huge costs. This software encompasses a number of products feature to provide effective solutions to the following challenges posed by manual systems or other incapable online systems.

Challenges posed by manual systems or other incapable online systems and solutions offered by makemyoffice.com payroll software.

1. Human Error and Administrative Issues.

Man is to err is a typical definition of the frustrations that most companies using manual processing systems have a deal with and the resulting interventions to remedy the situation. This causes heavy burden to both the Hr & Finance team who have to grapple with mundane tasks like data entry, documentation and cross-checking at various levels. Irrespective of the number of checks, such a system is still the phone to human errors that result in inaccurate and delayed payments. Given employees have different pay structures sometimes with unique deductions; accuracy is in essence when compiling total calculating leave allowance is also prone to such human errors especially if the number of leave days utilized was captured incorrectly. It would be more efficient to invest in online payroll software than it would be more to hire additional staff to meet the demands of an increased payroll. This software offers all these calculations at a click of a button by integrating information from different programs to arrive at these calculations.

2. Non-Compliance and the Associated Risks.

Manual payroll processing needs a business to be particularly intentional to remember to make important statutory updates. Failure to abide by any of these statutory regulations can result in unwanted and several penalties and fees. In India for example, there are a number of required statutory deductions such as TDS deduction, ESI finds, PF deduction, gratuity, EDLI. These require special attention to stay on course, besides keeping up with all these rules and regulations can be time-consuming and although important will almost always receive little or no attention. Irrespective of the size of the business payroll cost can have an adverse effect on company's bottom-line. As such businesses need to comply with multiple federal and state labor laws and regulations. This is made possible through payroll software which performs this function seamlessly and timely.

3. Time

Since payroll activities such as calculating leave days and salaries is a monthly activity it is normally time-consuming especially if done manually. Having to go through piles of documents to manually track attendance can be frustrating and can result into many errors. When employees receive less than is rightfully owed to them their morale is affected and ultimately their productivity and could cost the company reputational risk and legal battles. Investing in this payroll software will save on time spent doing things annually which is allocated to more productive tasks.

4. Employee Productivity

Manual payroll activities are a repetitive task such as calculating leaves, reimbursements, and overtime allowances. These require a lot of time and effort in ensuring no errors are perpetrated. This is tedious and results in inefficient use of human resources that would otherwise been engaged in doing productive tasks. Due to mundane nature of such tasks, employees morale, productivity is adversely affected which could result into high labor turnover. This software enhances overall productivity especially employee productivity who are highly motivated as they perform tasks they are skilled at and produce greater satisfaction to them.

5. Security

Employee's information is usually confidential and sensitive. Maintaining these in files and excel sheets is at the least secure as it is prone to malicious use or loss. Employees want to work in an organization that guarantees secured storage of such critical information. Security is guaranteed by ensuring only access to information by authorized persons and this information cannot be manipulated for malicious intent or transferred to third parties.

6. Incompatible Software

Not all payroll programs are compatible. For instance, the program used to store employee profiles or record could be incompatible with the program used for calculating pay and benefits. Identifying and investing in a program that integrates all these functions will rationalize your operations and enable the business to become efficient, effective which will be a boost to overall productivity.

This software offers a unique feature in that it allows integration of various programs that employ data from these multiple sources to provide information that can be used for decision making.

7. Tracking Employee Absence

Manually tracking employees' days of absence whether occasioned by leave days or sick days can be a burdensome task which is prone to potential mistake both intentional and unintentional. This is because both manual and excel time sheets are subject to human manipulation which can have a great impact on payroll calculations. Investing in payroll software saves eliminates such risks. This payroll software has an inbuilt calendar that helps employees indicate their days of absence which helps managers while assigning projects activities to team members.

Terms & Conditions

-Different payment methods are available depending on a mode of preference which includes debit cards, credit cards, and internet banking. One can also make offline payments by contacting our consumer service team for billing.

-User companies can make annual subscriptions whose rate changes from time to time.

-There is no cancellation or requirement to serve a lock-in period should a business wish to terminate any of the plans at any particular time during the period of use. However, for a business with annual subscriptions, upon cancellation remaining credit is not refunded. This is because the remaining period still forms part of the validity period of any plan.

-Payment is done in advance for enhanced service such as adding users and features to allow a business enjoy this service. Failure to pay for additional use will result in the account being frozen and inaccessible until payment is made.

-In case of any upgrade or downgrade to either plan, a new rate is calculated and charged at the next billing cycle. There will be no prorating for downgrades in between.

-Downgrading your plan may result in loss of features that you were previously able to enjoy. Such loss cannot be transferred to the software provider.

-The fees charged are exclusive of taxes, levies or duties charged by relevant bodies and tit is the sole responsibility of the user's company to remit such payment.

-As may be required, the company will collect such statutory deductions on behalf of the charging authorities and remit the same.


-There shall be no refunds for already completed tasks as the company incurs expenditure and employs resources to achieve different milestones of a campaign.

-There will be no refunds for taxes levied on services that are provided by regulatory bodies.

-Should there be a cancellation as a result of a violation of the above terms and conditions there will be no refunds.

All these challenges can be solved by investing in payroll management system that enhances security, is simple to use and ensures strict adherence, saves time, an effort which enhances overall productivity. Most organizations that may prefer outsourcing payroll services are unaware of the possible consequences of sharing confidential information with third parties and will greatly benefit from this payroll software that is designed to meet all payroll needs irrespective of the size or business. Businesses already using this software have found out that it makes more business sense to invest in this payroll software as opposed to outsourcing as this software is user-friendly, efficient whose benefits cannot be exhausted.

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