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Good HR management software will transform your company and make things easy. Access all employee-related information with only a few clicks.

A minimal effort will lead to deep insights and data inconsistencies and duplication, corrections and rework will become history.

The Central HR Module - your central unit of HR activity

Easily capture employee data, store it, organize it and quickly search needed data.
Addition and confirmation, resignation and a wide range of employee life cycle activities are easily performed with MMO software.
Maintaining complete work history (promotions, work incident reports, transfers, etc.) for your employees is a core feature of MMO software and allows you to make status changes and queries regarding various information quickly.
Powerful data querying and a powerful search integration will easily locate employee information in the well-organized databases, while updating and reporting are other two strong features of MMO software.

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Employee Information - Management Module

This section allows you to easily manage the employee database, track employee assets and gain insights from all essential company dashboards. Custom employee avatar record is possible now with MMO software, as it allows you to store a wide range of employee information, track and verify this information and collect identity data online. Employee database is organized on multiple layers and levels of information (more than 20 data category fields), shows reporting hierarchy according to the organization chart and maintains a permanently updated employee directory.
MMO software allows you to monitor company assets and you can easily find out which assets are being used by which employee (additional information also offered). Upon an employee’s resignation, transfer or promotion, you are able to track assets.
Following certain parameters on a friendly and professional dashboard is another essential feature of MMO software. You can design your dashboard, with a few clicks, according to your informational needs and company goals. After thorough research on what information is required in such HR software dashboards, we have made possible placing on a panel such parameters like gaining insight on employee costs, attrition and statutory costs (but not only, you can add much more parameters on your dashboard). The HR dashboard also integrates a wide range of CEO indicators and allows you to get a quick and comprehensive overview of employees status (joining or leaving the company, transfers, etc.).
Data collection and update regarding employee identity is possible too with MMO software. You can store this information, track it (Aaadhaar or PAN verified, etc), or use the special feature that allows you to collect employee identity data from the online environment.

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Employee - Communication, Alerts, and Reminders Module

This MMO software module allows you to manage communication on various levels within your company. Complete communication history can be accessed, and quick memo or bulk email can be sent to all or selected employees.
Sending reminders and alerts has never been easier, as you have access to more than 30 built-in employee events (mostly lifecycle-related) message templates. Greeting cards can be automatically sent, custom messages and reminders can also be broadcasted to recently joined employees, resigning employees or with special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.
MMO software offers you the possibility to create and store email and SMS templates and to send messages and notifications via email, social media, and mobile communication means.

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Policies and HR Reports - Module

The MMO software core module provides you insightful, comprehensive reports that, in HR analytics, are meaningful and very useful. Default report templates come built-in the software library, but you can quickly design your own user-defined report models. Beyond Labour Law and statutory reports, you can create and store your custom created reports with MMO software.
Policies, forms and company-related information management represent important challenges in medium-to-large companies’ cases (but not only) and MMO software comes to meet this need with a dedicated module that helps you to easily publish and update employee handbook, company policies, forms, templates and reports.

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Employee Document - Management

Module MMO software offers you the possibility to easily manage and access employees documents and to generate letters to employees. By using our software solution you can store both digital and scanned versions of employee documents, access them (both documents and letters), and upload bulk documents into the database. All documents and letters that are uploaded into the system go through a security scan and also, all the automatically generated letters are filed in the database.
Many letter templates (salary certificates, experience certificates, offers, transfer letters, etc) can be generated with a click, broadcasted, stored and accessed via the HR software.

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MMO, the best HR and Payroll solution

MMO, the software we are offering, has been developed by a team of HR specialists and developers that brought more than a decade of knowledge, experience and know-how into the development process. All these informational resources have backed up our software development process and we are permanently using client feedback to adapt and improve the HR software solution we are offering. MMO comes with integrated attendance and leave management system, this making it a complete HR solution, covering in detail all critical HR aspects in a company. As cutting costs is sought by more and more companies, as much as accuracy and transparency, MMO software solution becomes a valuable asset for top companies looking for high-quality HR management solutions.

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