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Managing Payroll and maintaining payroll details in a large organizations requires lot of calculations and statutory compliances. An organization need to have solution to all your requirements.

MMO offers one of the best solutions so far. Its simple calculations and easy to understand modules make it a perfect one for you.

Fully Integrated - Payroll Process Software

To make the software workable after configuration, all you need is a single click to process employee’s salaries.
Manual payroll process option allows reviewing or verifying data manually. When a user is new and wanted to process payroll in a guided way, MMO provides you all the available options.
MMO facilitates computation of salaries meticulously for all employees along with all other statutory deductions (PF/ESI/PT/TDS) Loan Deductions, Arrears, Revisions, LOP, IT Computation etc.
It also functions as a ready-reckon reconciliation toll by comparing present month salary with previous one and customize the salary record and payroll statements as required by you.

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Easy to Use - Salary Structure

A Payroll Software that offers you to all the possible alteration according to your Industry Standards & Specifications in salary structure. It serves as a highly customizable and easy to handle in-build-payroll calculations.
We also provide the facility to create your own salary structure according to your business needs/ industry norms/ statutory obligations. It has both standards as well as highly specific salary components.

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Generate Automatically - Payroll Contributions and Payslips

Need for managing basic payroll along with other aspects such as reimbursement, loan and advances etc. for employee’s welfare in one of the important aspect which maintained by MMO in a hassle-free way:
  • Extensive repayment conformations
  • Monthly/ annual titles
  • Claims processing with limit inspection
  • Giving loans with multiple refund and interest options
  • Automatic shut down on completion of repayment
MMO Payroll Software offers an effortless consolidation of attendance and leave data for all employees as an important input. This assimilated payroll system helps you to:
  • Choose and select multiple payslip formats
  • Procedure of increment components into present salary
  • Process one-time payment and deductions
  • Process complete arrears
  • Compute and automate full and final settlements
  • Compute LOP and LOP reversals
We offer a highly customized web payroll Portal which enables you to send bulk email salary slips or provide the data on portal and to the mobile app for accurate time duration:
  • Payslips for individual or selected employees as PDF files download facility
  • Produce reimbursement and clearance payslips distinctly

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Complete - Post-Payroll Procedure

MMO permits to pay out salaries via any bank routed through payment modes like cheque and bank transfers. It also contains:
  • All main bank transfer electronic formats built in
  • Batch-wise/ bank-wise payment announcement
  • Cash and Cheque Payments status tracker facility
MMO prepares all statutory file formats such as PF ECR File, ESI Returns, PT Reports of all states and Form 24 without any extra data entry work.
Payroll not includes payslip allocation, reconciliation or disposal but also create a connection between your finance and payroll teams. It offers you to create Account JV smoothly through:
  • Extensive Excel output capabilities

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Fully Compatible - with Payroll Statutory

Legal documentations such as deductions for P.F, ESI, PT, IT etc. can be easily computed as per the latest amendments. MMO Payroll System offers you all these features with tailor made reports:
  • PF calculations with ECR(Electronic Challan cum Return) generation
  • ESI calculations and challans
  • PT with all state-specific rules built in format
  • Complete TDS (IT) calculations and returns
  • Bonus calculations and reporting

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Generate - Payroll Reports

MMO Payroll Management System furnishes with many variables for the following reports:
  • Settlement Reports
  • PT Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Customizable payroll statement/ salary register/ wage register

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Complete Payroll Software for Small Enterprises

Our Payroll Software; key to success is its ability to adapt and adjust as per the salary structure. We promise to fulfil your requirements as the top most priority. MMO meticulously offers incorporation of leave management system and attendance management system for proving 100% accuracy in payroll management with utmost satisfaction and time management.

It will not only provide to be a time and energy saver but also become your organization best companion and a key to organization’s productivity.

So relax and enjoy and leave all the work for MMO.

Taking your payroll structure seriously?

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