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When Competence and Effectiveness Matter

The processing of attendance is powerful only when it is accurate as real- time. It is the responsibility of the manager and employees to rectify the issues soon not till the end of the month.

OMS attendance management system is designed in such a way that all the related matters are dealt with more simplicity and efficiently.

Attendance capture from different means

MMO software maintains real-time attendance data which will be used directly in payroll module for further database records.
MMO attendance portal can be integrated with any existing hardware system and can maintain the data supplied from that.

GPS Attendance Marking Facility

MMO mobile app provide latest GPS based attendance feature which provides an ease in marking attendance within a predefined set co-ordinates or on-site client locations easily.
Forget your worries of installing heavy machines or biometric system and spending huge sum on their maintenance. MMO Attendance software not only provide hassle free attendance management system but also relaxes you from other worries like device breakdown or downtime.

Shift Management Flexibility

Other than marking attendance MMO also facilitates creation of multiple shifts, rotation policies, and exception policies for particular staff and weekend policies for making attendance procedure a full customized one.
Through MMO attendance portal, a manager can also allocate different shifts to their team members and can change as per requirement.

Office Management Portal: Far beyond the old-style attendance system

The entire data regarding employee attendance information can be fetched on any specific device as per customer convenience in a user-friendly module. Employee can see their details and related policies as and when needed.
Through a notification system, attendance of an employee can be standardized by his manager or head whenever required. It can be viewed in real-time easily.

Complete Attendance Management Software

In today’s time, every company wants to have such a system where they can maintain attendance and all related records and request with least cost and negligible errors. MMO Attendance Management Software does all this and more as suited to the customer path perfect real time solutions.

We have a lot of customers across the Country, all of whom have used this payroll software for their Office Management Activities.


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