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If I sign up for a free trial, what happens when it expires?

Once you opt for a free trial of Make My Office, then you are allowed to access our software and use its fantastic features. You will not be charged anything for using our services during trial period. Once the free trial ends, you need to purchase a package based on your requirements to continue using the services. However, we notify you via email and/or SMS before the expiration of free trial so that you keep availing Make My Office services without any interruption.

What is the difference between single user and multi user plans of Make My Office?

We at Make My Office currently offering 2 packages for our clients that are single user plan and multi user plan. In the single user plan, there is only one admin panel and no panel for employees which means only manager or admin can access the software. This package is suitable for retail stores, small manufacturing and production units, small and medium level service providers, etc. Single user plan is also appropriate for those businesses which do not require access for employees yet want to manage various records or whose staffs are not much tech-savvy.
On the other hand, multi user plan has different panels for admin and employees. We provide unlimited employee access in this plan and it is suitable for all large level companies and manufacturing units and for those organizations that seek to provide greater experience for their workforce. For more differences in single and multi user packages, you can check the comparison table on our website.

Can I avail free trial for both single user and multi user plans?

Yes, you can avail free demo of anyone or both of our plans. We provide this facility so that you can choose and buy a more beneficial package according to your needs.

Do you provide all the features and services during the free trial of your software?

Absolutely! All the services and features which we provide when you buy a package are also available during the free trial without any cost. Moreover, you need not to pay anything even if you do not purchase any package after your free trial ends.

Do I need any long-term commitment?

We provide free trial for our customers so before they buy our software they can use and experience our services. So, you can subscribe a package only when you wish. There is no requirement for a long-term commitment or invest heavily to avail our software.

Is there any annual subscription package for Make My Office?

Yes, currently we are offering annual subscription packages. You can check the plans and rates on our website. However, plans are subject to change with time. If there will be any changes in the plans and rates in future, then it will be displayed on our website.

Is there any cancellation fee or a lock-in period for Make My Office plans?

No, you do not need to pay cancellation fee or to serve a lock-in period for any regular Make My Office plan.

What are the modes of payment accepted by you?

We allow our customers to choose from different online methods to make payment. These include debit cards, credit cards and internet banking. Those who are willing to make payment offline can contact our customer service team specialized for billing.

Who owns my data and is it safe with Make My Office?

Privacy of our users is of supreme importance for us. Whatever data we collect from you remain yours and you can access it anytime. We use best security measures for the protection of users data. You can get further information regarding collection, usage and sharing of data on Privacy Policy page.

If you further have any enquiry or doubt regarding our services, plans and purchasing then feel free to contact us. You can drop an email or call our customer support.

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